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Bộ hiển thị nhiệt độ XMT-288FC

Bộ hiển thị nhiệt độ XMT-288FC

Thông số kỹ thuật HuaLi XMT-288FC
Bộ hiển thị nhiệt độ XMT-288FC

Bộ hiển thị nhiệt độ XMT-288FC-II

Bộ hiển thị nhiệt độ XMT-288FC-III
1, input signal: Pt100
2, measuring range: 0 ~ 100 ° C 0 ~ 120 ° C 0 ~ 150 ° C-20 ~ 80 ° C
3, accuracy: 1.0
4, display mode: 0.8″ 7-segment digital tube
5, resolution: 0.1 ° C
6, set value range: adjustable within the entire range
7, lead mode: Pt100: three-wire system, current: two-wire system
8, contact output: upper and lower limit alarms each have a set of normally open (normally closed) contacts
9, contact capacity: 220VAC 3A (resistive)
10, standard signal output:
11, XMT-288FC has the following signal output:
DC: 0~5V or 1~5V, DC 4~20mA
Communication interface: RS485, RS232 (XMT-288FC-II)
This product hasXMT-288F,XMT-288FCOther models . AmongXMT-288FCCan be output0~5VDC,1~5VDCOr4~20mADCStandard signal,XMT-288FC-Ⅱ comesRS-485,RS-232Interface directly with the computer network .

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