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Can nhiệt Omron E52MY-CA6D

Can nhiệt Omron E52MY-CA6D Can nhiệt E52-CA150B D=3.2 Can nhiệt E52-CA15A D=1 1M Can nhiệt E52-CA15A D=1 2M Can nhiệt E52-CA15A D=1.6 1M Can nhiệt E52-CA15A D=1.6 2M

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Cảm biến RUC300-M3047-LIAP8X-H1151/3GD

Cảm biến RUC300-M3047-LIAP8X-H1151/3GD RU300U-M30E-LIU2PN8X2TH1151 RU100-CP40-LIUX/S10 RU100-CP40-LIUX RU30-M18-AP8X-H1141 RU30-M18-LIX-H1141 RU30-M18-LIX-H1141/S713

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Cảm biến tốc độ E3JM-10M4-G-N

Cảm biến tốc độ Omron E3JM-10M4-G-N E3JM-10M4-G-N E3JM-10M4T-G-N E3JM-DS70M4-G E3JM-DS70M4T-G

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Cảm biến E2E-X5E2-Z

Cảm biến E2E-X5E2-Z E2K-X15MY1 E2K-C25MY1 E2K-F10MC1 E2K-X15ME1 E2K-C25ME1 E2E-X18MY1

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Cảm biến nhiệt TE-211Z-BC-2-1-E-7

Cảm biến nhiệt TE-211Z-BC-2-1-E-7 Thông số kỹ thuật TE-211Z-BC-2-1-E-7 TE-211Z/213-B Temperature Transducer Duct Sturdy NEMA-1/ IP-30 galvanized sheet metal enclosure houses the electronic circuit board. Available with 4, 6, 8 or 12 inch (100, 150, 200, 300 millimeter) stainless steel probe. Probe protrudes from the bottom of the enclosure and …

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